After Plastic Surgery Calgary Cannabis is Safe to Smoke?

Have you gone through a plastic surgery treatment recently? It is true that it is never easy to go through any kind of surgical treatment and there is always the inclusion of lots of stress, anxiety and pain issues. Even the patient is going to make the decision for the plastic surgery it is definitely a serious matter and the patient will need to go through several faces in the pre-preparation and post-surgery process. After completing the surgical treatment for better looks and physical features, you all need to take proper care of yourself for better recovery. In this kind of situation, most of the people want to know about several kinds of risks due to their habits.

There are many patients who want to know about the use of Cannabis after plastic surgery treatment. As you know, Cannabis and marijuana are legal in Canada for the treatment of several issues including depression, stress, anxiety and more. A large number of people are using Cannabis products for the medical benefits of it. Especially at places like Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary, it is legal to smoke weed and Cannabis products. In this situation, you should definitely get complete details about the use of Cannabis after plastic surgery Calgary so that you can prevent the risks and can avail its benefits. The question is though, after having your beautification: is it safe to smoke weed now?

Benefits of using Cannabis after plastic surgery:

As you know, there will be issues of pain and inflammation after completing the plastic surgery with success. In this kind of situation, the patients will need to find the perfect ways to reduce the pain and inflammation problem. According to the researches, Cannabis is available with the properties to reduce the inflammation and pain issues. First of all, it is very important to consult the surgeon before using weed and Cannabis products after plastic surgery.

With pain reduction, smoking Cannabis is also effective to prevent the issues of stress and anxiety after the surgery. In any kind of medical treatment of surgical treatment, there may be issues of stress and anxiety in the patients. Your body will need time for proper recovery and will take time to reach the normal lifestyle without any kind of stress. It is true that smoking weed can be very effective to provide the advantages to get rid of such stress and anxiety issues if you are taking it in the right way.

However, there are lots of people in Canada who are addicted to smoke weed and they take it as a lifestyle part. Especially in provinces in the west side, like Vancouver and Calgary – plastic surgery is more prevalent in those cities as well. If you also love the relaxing feeling after smoking the weed and Cannabis, you should definitely take the precautions as per the advice of plastic surgeon to use these products. Always make sure to get the proper advice and consult with your medical professional before you choose to smoke weed after the surgical treatment. It is true that there can be several risks for the patients who use Cannabis products after completing the plastic surgery treatment:

Risks of smoking Cannabis after plastic surgery:

It is true that in the different plastic surgeons have different opinions about the recovery process and use of the weed after completing the surgery. However, it is common that the use of Cannabis and weed can affect the process of healing after any cosmetic surgery especially on your face or other body parts.

Most of the plastic surgeons will recommend avoiding smoking marijuana or weed immediately after completing the surgery because there may be the risk of coughing due to the use of smoking marijuana. Because of the coughing, there can be the issue of internal bleeding and can cause serious issues like hematomas or other medical complications. to prevent these kinds of complications and risks you should definitely avoid smoking Cannabis immediately after the surgery as per the advice of the plastic surgeon.

There may be another risk factor because of the availability of carbon monoxide in Cannabis when you smoke it. It will affect the capacity of carrying oxygen in the blood and can also affect the tissue’s life in some of the certain kinds of surgical treatments including breast augmentation and tummy tucks. The plastic surgeon may recommend you to avoid smoking Cannabis after these kinds of surgeries because it and reduce the level of oxygen in the blood and can cause the death of tissues.

When to use Cannabis as the patient?

If you want to take the safe side to prevent all kinds of medical complications and risks, you should definitely get the Recommendation of your plastic surgeon in Canada who will give you the right advice. Most of the well-known plastic surgeons recommend preventing the use of smoking Cannabis for a period of six weeks after and before any surgical treatment. According to these medical experts, the patients should definitely take proper care of the body by preventing the Cannabis because it will definitely help in natural recovery and healing of the body without any kind of complications and risks.

It is true that most of the risks are because of the use of weed and marijuana in smoking form and these effects are not because of the drug itself. Some of the plastic surgeons may definitely recommend consuming the marijuana in edible oil form because it may not affect your body in the same way as smoking weed in the case of plastic surgery.

Therefore, the use of marijuana and weed in the case of plastic surgery will depend on several factors. It will depend on the factor of age, health level, type of surgery complications and many more factors. The patients should definitely take proper care so that they can prevent any kind of risk. You are definitely investing your time, efforts and money to enhance the beautiful features of your body with plastic surgery treatment. In this kind of situation, if you are taking the risks by smoking Cannabis then there may be complications as per the advice of your surgeon. Make sure to take proper care and it will be better to avoid it for some time for better recovery.…


Get all possible information through Medical Cannabis Blog

The entire unprocessed marijuana plant when used for medical purposes. The active ingredient in cannabis is delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol or also known as THC. This component is responsible for giving people a high feeling. Medical marijuana is the same marijuana which is originally used for recreational purposes but instead is used for the treatment of diseases. The chemicals in medical marijuana serve in the appetite, memory, movement, and pain.

The research has shown the following impact of medical cannabis:

  • It reduces anxiety
  • Involves in the reduction of inflammation and from relief pain
  • It controls nausea and vomiting which is caused by chemotherapy of cancer
  • Responsible for killing cancer cells and slows down tumor growth
  • It stimulates appetite and improves weight gain in people with cancer and AIDS

Cannabinoids as medicines

THC has been observed to increase appetite, decreases pain, inflammation and reduces nausea. CBD or cannabidiol is not popular for recreational purposes but is popular for its medicinal applications such as reducing pain, inflammation, controlling epileptic seizures and might treat mental illness and addictions. FDA has approved one of the CBD based liquid medication known as epidiolex for the treatment of childhood epilepsy basically Dravet syndrome and Lennox Gastaut Syndrome.

The THC: CBD has been used together as well. Sativex or Nabiximols is a specific plant extract which has an equal ratio of THC: CBD. It is approved as a drug in the UK and a few places in Europe for treating multiple sclerosis, spasticity, neuropathic pain.

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Consumption of medical cannabis

  • The medical cannabis can be consumed in any one of the following forms:
  • It is rather convenient to smoke cannabis
  • It can be inhaled through a vaporizer
  • It can be consumed in a lollipop or brownie
  • Can be used in the form of a lotion which can be applied on the skin, or in the form of oil and spray
  • Consumed it by putting a few drops on the tongue

Reasons to consider medical marijuana

Some of the reasons to consider medical cannabis over other alternatives are as follow:

  • It provides fast relief and by smoking, it becomes one of the quickest ways to get relief.
  • Additional elements such as terpenes are the aromatic oils which give cannabis its potent flavor and fragrance
  • Multiple consumption options are available such as inhale, eat or even apply on the skin as well.
  • The availability of different strains makes it a better option than others as different strains relieve different symptoms thereby proving to have more medical applications.
  • It is less expensive and thereby more affordable

Medical cannabis is legal at some places so one can easily access it from shops, dispensaries. It is also available in various edible forms such as candies or cookies, oils and extracts and as something that can be smoked and inhaled. These cannabis dispensaries require a medical marijuana card to sell the products which issued by a licensed health care professional.

There are various websites and medical cannabis blog are available which provide information and details about cannabis with all its advantages, applications, availability and even side effects.…